about us

It all started in 1998 when one day, in love with this magnificent place, we decided to start producing our own wine. So we decided to clean up the fields after years of neglect and little by little our first Sangiovese vineyard came to life from which we get our black label, the Poggiolato. Ours is a small family business and we take care of everything from the field to the cellar. The wine production is limited and this allows us to give value and maximum attention to manual work in every phase of the production of the products to preserve the nature and quality of the grapes. The greatest satisfaction in a land full of vineyards like Tuscany is to see gratefull people who come back to us and our products. Poggiolato's goal right from the start was to produce healthy wine, respecting the balance with nature which is very important to us. Poggiolato is certainly among the most beautiful choices we have made in life with its simplicity, serenity and happiness.